The numbers of love

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The numbers of love

It's possible to summarize the love stories by 10 cards? I don't know, but I try. A new way to show love. A project of graphic design, where the numbers are "alive."

Graphic Design, Product Design, Illustration
Rotated, inverted, the numbers intersect to create a graphic symbols which "tell" the love.
From the first appointment to family unit. This is a story of love.

In every t-shirt, sweatshirt or gadget  is shown a number belonging to the collection of “the numbers of love”.

1 = the first date - the first appointment.
2 = two hearts - falling in love.
3 = the third incommodious - physical attraction.
4 = 4cchi - in private. Tête-à-têt

5 = at home in 5 minutes by motorbike -  eager to make love
6 = you're sexy ( 6 + 6 rotated = 69 the position of love)
7 = seven meters above the sky - "three metres above the sky"( title of an italian film) + 4 meters  = happiness.
8 = teddy bear - pampering.
9 = ninth mounth  - pregnancy.
10 = top marks - family unit. Goal.

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Project design by Shu | Studio Formanuova

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